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Braydon School Photographs

With many thanks to Jill and Dave Herbert.

Bradon School Postcard 2a.jpg
Bradon School Postcard 2.jpg

Above: Class of Circa 1907

Bradon School Postcard 1.jpg
Bradon School Postcad.jpg

Above: Braydon School Circa 1911

Bradon School Postcard 1915.jpg

Above: Braydon School Class of 1911

Right: Braydon School Class of 1927

Bradon School 2.jpg

Above & Right: Braydon School date unknown The Local Foxhunt meeting

Bradon School 1927.jpg
Bradon School Photo hunt.jpg
Braydon Parish Class.jpg

Braydon School Circa1922


Purton Museum have been donated this picture which belonged to Kathleen Matthews, who lived in Braydon School until the early 1980's when it had no electricity.

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