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Museum Report

The Rebuilding of the Silver Threads Hall

A significant achievement in the 1980s was the rebuilding of the Silver Threads Hall which was considered in urgent need of replacement in 1986. It only took two years to raise the £27,000 needed, thanks to the generosity of Purton people.  The remainder of the £74,000 cost was provided by the Women’s Royal Voluntary Service, whose National President, Dame Barbara Shenfield, performed the ceremonial opening in September 1988. Photos of the demolition of the old hall and building of the new one, a well used village asset, are included in the exhibition.

Purton Museum is open on Saturdays from 10.00-12.30pm

Lucy Lewis


Top photo – 1987

Bottom photo – August 1988

Silver Threads.png

The Great Loo Appeal

Museum News

In September 1984 Roy Blake, Vicar of Purton, and Church Wardens Godfrey Fowler and Roger Lawrence wrote to all the parishioners appealing for financial help converting the old Victorian boiler house, on the north side of St Mary’s Church, to provide a toilet and washbasin. They wrote that, ‘Nervous young bridegrooms, older people attending a funeral, parents of young children at Christingle, all ask: Where is the loo?’

The Vicar spent a day in the layby opposite College Farmhouse collecting money ‘thrown down the toilet’ and was delighted that more than £1,100 was donated. The Great Loo Appeal was a huge success and Bishop Peter of Malmesbury officially declared the new facility open at Easter the following year.

The letter, newspaper article and a photograph of Bishop Peter performing the opening ceremony form part of the new Purton in the 1980s exhibition.

Purton Museum is open on Saturdays from 10.00-12.30pm.

Lucy Lewis

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