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Wiltshire Life Magazine
75th Anniversary edition
October 2021
Sent by Purton Museum for inclusion (1946)

A letter dated April 1946 to Jack Gunter, Secretary of Purton Football Club, from Cyril Cox requesting a petrol coupon to travel from his home in Reading to Purton to play a match for Purton Football Club.  The accompanying photograph is of Purton Football Club 1946-47 and you'll see that they were Wiltshire League Champions in the seasons 1945-46 and 1946-47.  Jack Gunter and Cyril Cox are in the photograph that was taken at The Play Close.  Both are in the front row:  Cyril Cox 6th from left, Jack Gunter 8th.  
Letter 1946.jpg
Letter 1946.jpg



Purton & Braydon Women's Institute Concert Society in a sketch of Widecombe Fair.  Each member had a short piece to say in dialect. From left to right: Annie Godwin, Marjorie Shailes, May Hussey, Isabel Lawrence, Jeanne Walker, Pamela James, Vera Conduit, Mrs Gunter and Beatrice Kilby.  One of these members, Marjorie Shailes, is still in the village.

Purton FC 1946.jpg
Purton & Braydon Women's Institute 1946.jpg
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