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Museum Reopening

The museum reopens on 6th April, 10.00 to 12.30.  This years exhibition is Purton in the 80's.  Some events from the 80's are described in the Museum Reports in the Purton Museum section under Monthly Museum Report

Romans in Purton

On 22nd Feb, Andy Hood of Foundations Archaeology gave a talk on the excavations at Willis Way in Purton that took place in the 1980s and in 2016.  The highlight of the excavations was the discovery of a 4th century Roman burial ground.  The talk attracted a lot of interest and further details of the discoveries are in the attached documents (just click to open).

Purton Parish Council Grant

February 2024: Purton Museum is very pleased to have been awarded a Purton Parish Council Grant to purchase textile preservation equipment and cover stationery costs.

Museum Catalogue

The museum catalogue is now available to view on this site.  Got to the Purton Museum section, hover over it and click on the relevant page

Purton Voices

Over a number of years, Alec Robbins interviewed older local residents of Purton about their memories of Purton.  They were recorded on cassette tapes but these have now been converted to MP3.  These are available below.  You can view all the interviews available by clicking on the 'skip' button, then play by clicking the 'play' button.  Some of the tracks are a bit quiet and you will to make sure your computer volume is on 100%.  On some of the tapes there is a gap at the start and you have to wait a bit before you hear anything

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